Functional Pain Center  

Scope of Program

Functional Pain Center specializes in serving Worker's Compensation patients with chronic pain. Chronic Pain can be described as ongoing or recurrent pain lasting beyond the usual course of acute illness or injury, or more than 3 to 6 months, and which adversely affects the individual's well-being. A simpler definition for chronic or persistent pain, is pain that continues when it should not. The American Chronic Pain Association states that an Interdisciplinary Pain Program is designed to help a person with pain become part of the treatment team and take an active role in regaining control of his or her life, in spite of the pain. The program is focused on the entire person, not just the pain.

The interdisciplinary pain program is an outpatient program that provides an outcome focused, coordinated, goal directed team services to measure and improve the functioning of persons with pain and encourage their appropriate use of health care systems and services. The program can benefit persons who have limitations in physical, psychological, social and/or vocational functioning. Treatments are provided to individuals despite of cultural background. Individual must be medically stable and experiencing limitations in their daily activities, particularly related to their ability to return to work. Patients must be motivated to participate, psychologically, in all groups provided by the program. Functional Pain Center supports individuals with medical issues or comorbidities, and supports the management of those issues.

The pain program is under the clinical leadership of Linda Cordell, M.D., Psychiatrist. The interdisciplinary team includes an Administrator, Office Manager, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate, Chiropractor, Functional Capacity Evaluator, Pre-Authorization Specialist/Receptionist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and other team members as needed. The team in collaboration with the patient and the patient's family address the patient's functional, medical, physical, psychological, social, and vocational needs.

Program strengths include a highly educated and highly trained staff in pain management issues. The staff works together as a team with their primary focus being the patient's return to function. The patient and staff work together to improve the patient's abilities in the areas of activities of daily living, work, leisure and hobbies. We offer expeditious treatment and services, transportation and a fluid program schedule.

Entry criteria used to identify if a patient could benefit from participation in a chronic pain program is based upon the requirements outlined in the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) (available upon request). If all criteria are met, reflecting the patient as an appropriate participant who may benefit from the treatment, a thorough request will be developed and submitted to the patient's appropriate Workers' Compensation Insurance Agency.

The chronic pain program is a program provided in an open group setting Monday through Friday for a total of 8 hours per day (8:00 am - 4:00 pm). The program lasts for a duration of 20 days, where an initial behavioral health assessment is conducted with the patient, to determine service needs.

Functional Pain Center honors all Worker's Compensation Insurances. Referrals are made through Worker's Compensation treating physicians, and sent to our facility. Depending on what the patient was referred for by the treating physician will determine the type of treatment provided to each injured worker. Other services offered by our facility through Worker's Compensation are Individual Psychotherapy, Medication Monitoring, Work Hardening, Work Conditioning, Chronic Pain Program, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Health Assessments, Surgical Clearances, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Referred patients are not charged for any of the services provided to them. Once pre-authorization is acquired from the Worker's Compensation insurance company, services are delivered to the patient, and subsequently billed to the insurance company.

We welcome visits to the program by physicians, case managers, and prospective patients and their families.

Our Structure

Our treatment adheres to the Official Disability Guidelines for Chronic Pain Program. All patients referred are screened systematically to address every element of criteria for program entrance consideration. Once a patient is authorized, a treatment plan review is written outlining for progress. This report states objectives and whether the patient has improved in their physical functioning, reduced medication dependence, and reduced pain levels among other factors. Unless objective gains have been obtained, a patient is not recommended for further services.