Functional Pain Center  


Our outcomes measures are generated from patients approved for participation in our interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. We are presently working on generating our outcome results for the year 2021 and will upload them soon. A summary of our 2020 outcomes are as follows:

  1. Upon completion of treatment, 90% of patients were within range/met their required physical demand level (PDL). Of those, 11% exceeded their PDL. Additionally, 95% of our patients were functionally restored to achieve a competitive PDL of light-medium, thus allowing to return to work in a modified/alternative capacity.
  2. The average range of motion gain during 20 days of program: 24.7% increased ROM. Additionally, 9% gained full range of motion.
  3. The average amount of patients who reduced narcotic medication, or completely discontinued use of narcotic medication while participating in program was 100%. This enables a decrease in reliance on the health care system.
  4. Upon completion of treatment, 90% of patients completely discontinued narcotic use.
  5. The average reduction in pain level on a 1-10 scale from initial visit to day 20: 3-point decrease in pain level.
  6. Upon completion of treatment, 53% of patients completed treatment with a reported pain level of 4 or less./li>
  7. The average number of coping skills acquired to manage pain and psychological distress (ex: depression, anxiety): 3 coping skills acquired./li>
  8. The average number of sleep hours improved during 20 day participation in program: 3 hours more than initial sleep deficit./li>
  9. Upon completion of treatment, 95% of patients reported sleeping 7-8 hours per night./li>