Functional Pain Center  

Psychological Assessment and Treatment

Clinical Psychology is the application of the knowledge of human behavior to the assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment of individuals with disorders of behavior, emotions and thought.

Assesments and Treatment Include:


Clinical Services

  1. Outpatient Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program
    1. Functional Restoration/activities of daily living
    2. Improvement of physical and emotional functioning
    3. Group therapy with pain process and stress management
    4. Vocational counseling
    5. Job seeking skills
    6. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    7. Nutrition education
    8. Individual counseling
    9. Medication management
    10. Massage therapy
    11. Social skills development
    12. Active coping strategies
  2. Individual Counseling and Medication Management with on-staff Psychiatrist and licensed professional counselor
  3. Psychological Surgical Clearance
  4. Evaluation for Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Program (Work Hardening Program)
  5. Functional Capacity Evaluations
  6. Physical Therapy
  7. Work Conditioning (Return to Work Program)